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Bespoken Coffee Roasters is owned and operated by Collin and Ann Schneider, a husband/wife team of coffee professionals based out of Corvallis, Oregon.

Cajamarca - Peru


We roast for online orders every week, so you get your coffee as fresh as possible!

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Current offerings:

Cajamarca - Peru


Cajamarca - Peru


The underdog, future welterweight champ of the coffee world... PERU! While a recent player in the specialty coffee world, there are so many things right with climate and terroir in Peru, and the awareness around producing specialty grade coffee continues to weave it's way throughout the farming community. We look forward to working with more and more producers in Peru as the quality gets better and better. 

This is another versatile coffee. Brew it on whatever you've got!

Region: Cajamarca

Farm: Various Smallholder Farmers

Elevation: 1600-1800m

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra

Process: Washed

Notes: Citrus creamsicle, toffee, cinnamon and candied almond.

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