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We are so excited to share this coffee from the Merdiya Washing Station. This special washing station is located in the Uchuro Village, Nansebo District in West Arsi, Ethiopia. It is owned and operated by Testi Specialty coffee, a company known not only for their extremely high quality standards, but also for their involvement in the communities they work with. Testi has a strong mission to provide access to education for the children of the farmers they work with as well as collaborate with the farmers to invest in the communities access to electricity and clean water. A unique aspect of the Merdiya washing station is their slow fermentation process. After being depulped, the coffee undergoes an extremely meticulous, 100 hour fermentation, which greatly extends the traditional washing process that occurs in Ethiopia. Fresh water is cycled through every 24 hours and strict temperature controls in the water are maintained between 18.5 and 20.5 degrees celsius. Once the washing and fermentation period is over, the coffee is placed on drying beds for 15 days to complete the processing and eventually begin its long voyage across the ocean to be enjoyed by all of us.
TASTING NOTES Blackberry, Strawberry & Lemonade
ORIGIN Refisa, Nansebo, Ethiopia
ALTITUDE 2000 - 2200 MASL
VARIETY Landrace Typica

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